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June 9th, 2009

05:25 pm
psy 101 class, ends july 2nd. Got a B on my first exam!!!!
 - have an exam every thursday til then.
Priscila this weekend. SUMMER.
(i know she has to find a job though, that is most important)
Going to fair with alex, and priscila.
camping with gabe, alex, and priscila.
mariokart for wii is the shit.
planet of the apes is so good! Escape is the best.
So i got the planet of the apes box set.
Looking forward to the rest of the six feet under series.
4 people want hoods and are paying 40 dollars for them!
 - so whenever i decide to get off my ass ill have a good amount of money.
Reminds me I still have that 63 dollar check from airborne.
My room is kinda clean.
My hair is getting longer.
I brush my teeth twice a day.
Wake up at 625.

ok summer here i commmmee!

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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February 26th, 2009

06:25 am - Why alex is still awake
Alex and i awake webcaming.

Alex: my moms awake
What are you going to tell her?
Alex: i drank too much soda.


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February 17th, 2009

12:22 am - OH!
well HAI!!!
I never do this shit no moe.
but as few of you know -i guess.
I am taking a semester off from school!!!!
im visiting my grandparents in Texas for a month, and i need to start driving.
Now thats out of the way, lets start with an update!
-Got layers in my haiiir from gabes hair dresser, for free!!!
-just got back from spending 2 and a half weeks in LA with Alex!!!
-Have plans to actually go to coachella this year with Priscila.
-Found my black flag shirt.
Here are some pictures from, i dont know, the past 6 months!?Collapse )

Current Mood: awakeawake

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August 11th, 2008

08:57 pm - possibly the best weekend of my life.
On friday priscila and i took the greyhound to Los angeles, the whole time the only thing i could thinking about was the fact that alex has taken the greyhound for the past year to see me.
i was always grateful, but i never put myself in his shoes, its a lot of trouble to go see someone for an average of two days just to take the greyhound.
we saw the faint, it wasnt completely amazing but they brought a good show, a lot of people pissed me off, but that was pretty much because my stomach hurt.
alex waited around hollywood for me, then we drove back to SD sam, priscila, alex and i.
we ate at ihop, went to the zoo, left around 8 30ish to mount soledad, seal beach, then we walked the pier in ob. alex and i watched moonwalker then fell asleep.
a completely perfect day.
sunday alex and i worked on his homework and took constant naps and a walk to subway.
today alex and i walked keeko.

lately i havent hung out with anyone aside from priscila, she doesnt really know this; but shes really helped me.
i dont want to talk to many of the friends from my past, because its just time to cut them off.
im sure they already know and dont really care much about me anymore either.
its much better this way. i need to move on and stop living in the past.
i need new people in my life, worthwhile people.
even if i end up with not many friends, fuck it.
id rather have good friends than a bunch of friends who arent really there half the time anyway.
im having trouble with my financial aid, im going first thing tomorrow morning to figure it out.hopefully everything will be ok.
Alex left today, he said he'll come back before august ends.
im hanging out with priscila tomorrow.

What was i thinking?
no one could ever love me like alex does.
Current Mood: lovedloved
Current Music: m83-highway of endless dreams

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July 22nd, 2008

04:46 am - i hear he retired to an iron lung in Florida
I left my fluffy qtip on the floor in the Museum of Man.

A beautiful display.
Current Music: The zounds

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July 16th, 2008

04:11 pm - big fucking update.
Yeah this going to be full of a bunch of boring shit and rants, so if youre not really bored.
i suggest you just stop reading now.

Well first off, i REALLY wish i had a fucking oven.
my days are boring.
people are actually starting to bore me more when im hanging out with them, than i would be doing stuff by myself.
i need a boyfriend.
i tried to find my black flag shirt.
its gone. FOR real gone. fuck.=(
to rub it in some guy even said, WHAT!? thats YOUR trademark!
exact words. uggggh its truue.
when id see people years later theyd be like 'HEY YOURE THAT GIRL WITH THE BLACK FLAG SHIRT!'

Is a sad sad day in michele history.

anyways, today i cleaned the kitchen.
my mom asked me to take the trash bins out. i woke up this morning to the sound of the garbage truck going past my house.=(
that roadtrip deal is coming out pretty lame. the VW needs all this work and my friend is gonna take all this extra time getting down here, which he never told me about before.
so he wont even be here until like 4 weeks.
so i guess when he gets to CA ill figure out if we can still leave or not cause i started school Aug 23rd
i need more texting buddies.
thanks to flickr and craft sites i have realized there are people with no lives, but REALLY, no lives and it makes me feel better.
people take pictures of handcrafted dolls they made my pools and stuff.
i dont care if youre like 7.
but at the age of 20 plus.
man you need a life.

so this saturday is pride, im going with priscila
and shes spending da niiight!
man priscila!!!!!
its funny i was talking to her with my dad the other day and ive never heard him talk of anyone so highly before. his tone of voice got all high and he was like 'shes always laughing, shes so positive, she gives off such good vibes. shes a good friends to have michele'
psh, as if I didnt know.

so thursday im spending the night at priscilas and were gonna watch roswell all night>.<
then friday night watch the warriors and some other movies.

i need some excitement in my life. you know for the times im not hanging out with priscila hahaha.
um i want to start an experimental band.
OH! i found my fishnets online, so im gonna buy a 20 dollar visa gift card and buy three pairs so ill never have to worry about tearing them and buying new ones again.
lets hang out.
Current Music: buzzcocks-autonomy

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July 3rd, 2008

04:58 am - i should really be asleep
My mom finally told me where my black flag shirt is =)
i still have yet to find it, but i WILL.
i missed that shirt.
ive been hanging out with Priscila a lot.
We have come to terms that we are the same person.
you wouldnt believe it.
except im not a cat. oh and my grammar isnt any where as good.
um, today i did 3 essays for my Chicano studies class.
today is my last day of school for the summer =)

im suppose to go on a roadtrip, with jacob this eskimo guy i knew in 8th grade. just waiting on him to drive down from alaska.
so far were going to LA and San Fran and uh i figured we could just sit on my bed, stare at each other and brainstorm the rest.

i think im starting to come to terms that no guy is going to like me for a while.
thats ok i have priscila.
When we got back from EDC we laid on my bed she played a video game while i read off facts to her about Hitler. oh the relationship we have :D
fuck man when we hang out everyone thinks were a lesbian couple. weird.
I GOT A 80 GB IPOD, my old one broke.

i didnt go to school today, and i listened to the zounds while washing dishes and wasted time.
prettty good day=)

we should talk on the phone sometime, whoever you are. i dont even care if i dont even know you. Lets do this shit.
Current Music: Vice Squad-Angry youth

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May 28th, 2008

09:04 pm - oh its true.
"You just have no luck with guys."-my brother.


May 17th, 2008

09:17 pm - my mouth tastes weird right now.
Today i met up with this girl Kym for the first time, well no i met her at a house show about two years ago. But this is our first time actually hanging out.
Im pretty sure i got sunburnt.
We went to some fancy chocolate place to get free samples. Walked around horton.
I remembered that earlier this week i saw in the reader that Red Mango was having an opening in little italy, if you went you got free ice cream. So we went to find a reader.
Met up with her friend Lita in little italy. She was so fucking cute.
We went! annnnd i asked for green tea frozen yogurt instead of regular, it was good.
Lita needed a belt in OB, i wanted to look at the hemp at The Black.
The guy there knew them, so i got some yards for free.
Went to Kym's she lives about three blocks from Newport which is pretty nice.

Anyways, my trolley back home was 77 =)
Now im here, wasting my saturday night.
Current Music: Buzzcocks- ever fallen in love

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October 24th, 2007

04:51 am - in case you were wondering
-in community  college-full time
-still no license
-hair growing very quickly
-Alex visits at  least twice a  month with greyhound
-still good friends with Melissa and Hannah
-i looked a  boy for a  few months with the worst haircut on earth
-found bash.org, which consisted  of  daily events my  ex  claimed HE experienced.
-i hardly dye hair anymore
-all my fans still break constantly on me
-Kendra moved in with Phattha! :D
-Phattha going out with a  girrrl
-im obsessed with YO GABBA GABBA
-all summer i woke up simply to watch yo gabba gabba and blind date at 1.
-no ones reading this
-i still take the city bus and  trolley Everywhere, i really dont mind at  all.
-ive changed a lot, but im still pretty lame.
Current Music: come together-beatles

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